United Neighbors Partnership Project

Many Blocks
One Family

Revitalizing community spirit, re-establishing integral programs, and fostering unity.

About Us

At Many Blocks One Family, we are driven by a deep commitment to our community, inspired by the tireless efforts of Doris Theresa Harris.

For over four decades, Doris dedicated herself to community service, fostering unity and creating beneficial programs for our neighborhood. While honoring her deep-rooted legacy, we aim to reignite the sense of unity that once flourished.

Founded by William T. Harris, Block Captain of 1800 West Thompson Street, our project’s objective is not just to build programs, but also to cultivate relationships and ensure safer and happier neighborhoods.

We understand that we are not merely residents living side by side, but a family. Come, join us in recreating a community where every block pulsates with unity and togetherness.

Our Focus Areas

Community Engagement

Emergency Assistance

Youth Development

Workforce Development

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